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Trademark Searching can be like looking for a needle in a haystack....

...IPS has the magnet to find your needle

Choose Your Search Mode

Trademark searching lets you quickly find trademarks with relatively obscure terms using the same search engine our patent search uses. Looking for all the trademarks on any topic you need. Needing to know if someone has already trademarked a logo or phrase you intend to use?

Simple searching quickly searches through numerous United States and international databases to find what you are looking for.
Sometimes you know what you are looking for. Be it an inventor, attorney, specific term in the claims, IPS can help you find it. Complex searching gets your results when you need to take a more directed search approach.

Sometimes when you don't have an obvious term, sometimes you have to get creative in how you search. Combination and permutation searching is something IPS can help with.

Get Your Results

Results are located and listed by serial number. Click on any trademark to preview the text and art associated with the trademark. You can also export the list of patents, or print them out.

Use Your Results

IPS excels at finding, downloading, and displaying information related to the trademarks you are looking for.

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