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IP Steward
Easily search analyze patents and trademarks

Our flagship product, IP Steward, is a revolutionary application that simplifies and streamlines an organizations intellectual property management. It is primarily designed to assist organizations that work extensively with patents and trademarks. Patent Steward can assist with the entire process of patent creation – from researching the initial idea, to writing and analyzing the patent, to verifying the correctness of the issued patent.

The biggest pitfall in patent law is the potential for missing errors of syntactical logic that may make the patent more difficult to assert should the need arise.  This can be a difficult and time consuming process, and can result in extremely costly and potentially disastrous litigation for the client, and for the reputation of the lawyer representing him if not done correctly.  Patent Steward's parsing algorithm finds such logical errors, and highlights the errors in a clear and easy-to-read manner.  This dramatically minimizes potentially costly errors, improves the patent, and decreases the time spent looking for errors.

Below is a list of features:
  • Patent Search and Retrieval: Patent Steward makes the patent retrieval process simpler than ever before.  Search and retrieve patents from the primary global patent offices. Searches can be as simple as searching with a keyword to a complex search using fields such as Inventor, Application Date, Issuance Date, Attorney, and much more.
  • Patent Analysis: Analyze patents before they are submitted with our Specification Analysis and Claim Analysis. Analyze a patent after issuance from the patent office to verify it is correct with our Post Issuance Analysis.
  • Trademark Search and Retrieval: search and retrieve trademark data using the same search engine that our Patent Search uses. Simple and complex searches based on keywords or a wide range of fields are both available.
  • Searchable Reference Material: Fully searchable references available including the Manual of Patent Examination Procedure, the Trademark Manual of Examination Procedure, and Federal Statutes
  • Local Storage: Patent Steward features a local database where you can store download patents for quick reference.

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