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Formally Help Logic
Award-Winning Help Authoring Solution
Easily Create Help Systems for Your Software
Applications & Web Sites from a Single Source

Available for Mac OS X, HelpLogic's award-winning design removes the development headaches usually associated with help authoring. With time-saving features like the built-in Visual TOC Builder, Project Workshop, HTML Editor, Link Manager and more, HelpLogic is the ideal solution for cross-platform software developers, help authors, web site designers, and documentation writers.
Generate Help Systems For:
icon_applehelp Apple Help
The Standard Mac OS help format for Apple Help Viewer.
icon_browserhelp Web-based Help
Our cross-platform help system for web browsers. Built with 100% pure client-side JavaScript, CSS and HTML, providing an ideal browser-based help solution for web sites.
icon_unihelp UniHelp
Our award-winning, cross-platform help system for REAL Studio.
icon_mshtml Microsoft HTML Help
The popular Windows help format that utilizes Microsoft's Help Viewer.
icon_pdf PDF (OSX Only)
Convert your HTML help pages into a single PDF file, complete with a title page, table of contents, PDF bookmarks, and page formatting. Perfect for producing electronic user guides and eBooks.
icon_printed Printed Documentation
Publish your help pages as a PDF file and then print the PDF to paper.
Features & Benefits:
Visual TOC Builder
Create your help book's table of contents. Easily add and edit pages and chapters, plus topic description and keyword tags.

HTML Editor
Modify help pages with either the built-in editor or your favorite editor (such as Dreamweaver or BBEdit). HelpLogic's Editor features code syntax coloring and (for supporting new tags).

Link Manager

Auto-updates HTML links and your table of contents when source files are renamed or moved.

Preview Mode

During the development process, use the built-in preview feature to test your help pages in your favorite help viewer or web browser.

Page Templates

If you use specific HTML page designs frequently, simply save them as Page Templates, so that you can quickly add them to new pages.
Easy-To-Use Workflow
The main project window is the heart of the HelpLogic application. The interface design provides a very intuitive, time-saving workflow for easily creating, editing, and managing your project's table of contents, related HTML source files, and project development notes, saved code snippets, etc.

Project Workshop

Organize your development notes, code snippets, bug reports, "to do" lists, feature requests, URL bookmarks and more.

Help Publisher

Develop your help book from a single project source and then use the Publish feature to quickly export your help book in the selected format, ready for use with your software applications and web sites!
Version 1.7.1 Highlights:
  • Enhanced compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
  • PDF Publisher now supports multi-byte languages in OSX
  • New Overwrite option added to Publishers.
  • Added Preview and Publishing support for UniHelp 4.1.
  • The built-in HTML Code Editor is now much improved with enhanced sytax coloring, line numbering, auto-indenting, highlighted current line, additional Find & Replace options, and finally supports Undo.

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